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Hello :) I am Farooq Karimi Zadeh a young programmer and student. I study Computer Scince in Hormozgan University(which is in Hormozgan province in Iran). I really(or not really?) like Mathematics(I know what you're gonna say DotMan, and you know my reaction so let's end it right here!), Computers, Code and Electronics. That's it all for now :) Have fun in my site ;)

2x + 2y = k

2x + 2y = k where x, y and k are positive integers and k is a constant. The question's that for different values of k how many solution does our equation have? For any odd k there is no solution and for positive powers of 2 there is one. We want a general solution for this equation.

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About 2 years living with a Jinn inside me

Oh Jinn?What is that?I think the best English translation for this Arabic word is “Demon” but I'll call it Jinn till the last paragraph of this article. Does Farooq believe in such a legend of foolish former people? Does he believe in such a religion while we are in the 21st century, the era of science and technology?

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Any easy way to find free shell servers through freenode

Other than this website and your favorite search engine, there is another way to find shell servers. Connect to freenode(it's an IRC network). then type this command and press enter: /msg alis list *shells It will send you a list of irc channels their name ending with “shells”, not all of them are irc channels of shell servers nor all of them are free(as in price).

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C++ vs Common Lisp performance

After I read a small paper named How to make Lisp go faster than C I decided to do some small benchmarking myself with C++ and Common Lisp. For benchmarking I have written programs which find prime numbers from 2 up to 384460. All programs were run on my laptop with the following specs and properties:

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A math problem: enriching uranium!

The uranium enriching process is a simple yet hard process. Farooq wants to reach 3.5% uranium and he has 0.7% uranium. To achieve this goal, he should feed uranium to centrifuge. For each 2 units of x% uranium which he feeds to centrifuge, he gets 1 unit of (x-0.1)% and 1 unit of (x+0.1)% uranium. For example 1 0.6% and 1 0.8% for 2 0.7%. 0.0% uranium will be discarded. Units are always positive integer and he cannot feed 1 unit of uranium.

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I hate soccer

I'm not talking about any soccer but about this soccer which is ruining everything. I hate soccer and I have an ideology behind this behavior:

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Using KaiScr for taking screenshots and screen mirroring for KaiOS/FFOS

This video shows usage of my two scripts kailive.py and kaiscr.py. They're hosted on NotABug

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When a quadratic equation does not have real roots

For any equation as ax2 + bx + c = 0 we have b2 - 4ac or DELTA smaller than zero thus having no real roots if:

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