26 Dec 2022

Guide to live without glasses for broken eyes

You wear glasses because your eyes are broken and without them you are more than half blind. You are like me. Now what will happen if your glasses get broken? This is a collection of small tips to do well till you get your new glasses.

Also next time, you’ll want to keep backup glasses somewhere.

If it’s just the frame

Now that’s good. It’s only the frame which is broken and the actual glasses are okay. Keep one of the glasses around and use that to look around. You’ll look dumb but it’s not something you should care about. The next time take better care of your glasses and keep a backup around so that this won’t come to happen.

If it’s not just the frame

This is definitely not good. Use your mobile phone camera to take photos then use zoom in and zoom out to realize what is actually there. Honor the traffic lights and pass only when the lights are red for the cars.

Also you probably want to pass the streets somewhere the cars’ speed are much lower. If you find a traffic somewhere, that will be great.

Other tips

Consider walking slower and with more attention to the world around. And watch out the shops’ glass walls or doors. If you are unsure somewhere it is glass or thin air, use your hand to realize. Again, you will probably look dumb but it’s unavoidable and you will look dumber if crash into the glass.