17 Jan 2022

I Hate Soccer

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I’m not talking about any soccer but about this soccer which is ruining everything. I hate soccer and I have an ideology behind this behavior:

Soccer players and other sport players receive too much money and fame(players of other sports probably get less) they deserve not. I think most people agree with this if not all. You can compare this to salaries of doctors rescuing you and your family or the farmer which you would die of hunger if they weren’t or a writer or a teacher.

But why do players get so much? Simply, because people pay attention to them. Sport fans from one year or months before a game, buy tickets They are greedy to buy clothes of players, their ball, etc. A part of this money goes to players’ bank accounts. another part goes to other people’s account participating in this business. So why do they get so much money? because you give!

Here, many may say we don’t spend money on these. We just watch or follow. Right, you might not be helping them directly with money but with other stuff but you still help them.

NOTE: Unfortunately, players are not the only group who get a lot of wealth. Also actors and actresses receive too much money because we pay attention to them. But now, it is world cup and that’s why I’ve written about soccer players instead of actors.