17 Jan 2022

2 Years With a Jinn Living Inside Me


Oh Jinn?What is that?I think the best English translation for this Arabic word is “Demon” but I’ll call it Jinn till the last paragraph of this article. Does Farooq believe in such a legend of foolish former people? Does he believe in such a religion while we are in the 21st century, the era of science and technology?

The fact is that proving existence of Jinns is somehow impossible and disproving existence of them as well! But as Russell said in the 20th century this does not allow us to believe in anything which is impossible to disprove.

However Farooq believes in a unique God and the judgement day. Actually he believes in prophecy of Muhammad. And this belief caused him to get himself out of trouble. During the summer which is before 12nd grade Farooq was studying hard for Conquer, a big exam in Iran in which people go university through it, and everything was fine before something terrible happen to him: Suddenly and at once he was not able to study and code and sometimes even just reading.

Other odd stuff happened to him: he also lost most of the functionality of his body. The worst part of it was that he could not use his hands for writing which is necessary for Math and also typing which is necessary for programming.

But those were not much important. Because his brain had almost stopped working well. He messed school exams up and the more important exam which was Conquer. But the worse thing was that he could not code or study math, his two great interests. After about a year and a half year or two years, Farooq through a friend noticed healing with Ruqyah, which is mostly the Holy Quran and other Duas. Farooq also through another friend learned about “Sihr”(Black magic) and “Hasad”(Envy). There are different sorts of Sihr and one of them was a Sihr which could ruin successes of a successful person(for example a successful student) and turn them into someone with a lot of faults and no success. Hasad could have such an effect, too.

Farooq got a recipe from a Raaqi and he did whatever he could do which was listed in that recipe which was almost Quran and other Duas.

In the beginning listening to Quran was hard for him like a burden was on him and he was getting angry when listening to Quran. Notice that Farooq could listen to Quran without having any problem before this period. When Farooq contacted Raaqi he told Farooq that Quran is putting pressure on the Jinn inside you and the Jinn is putting pressure on you so that you may stop listening to Quran.

Anyway Farooq listened to Quran till he got his power for coding and math back. After this happening and after getting healed with Quran, any doubt about God, Quran and Islam, if any, was destroyed and Farooq shall not disbelieve anymore.

Thanks to God, then the Raaqi and the two said friends as they helped me in this way.