17 Jan 2022

2 years with a Jinn living inside me

Updated on 2023-07-16

Oh Jinn? What is that? I think the best English translation for this Arabic word is “Demon”. But I am gonna use the Arabic word to make sure I refer to the one described in Islam. You might find it surprising that someone believes in something like this, which seems to be some legend from former ignorant people.

As a fact, proving or disproving existence of such a thing is impossible. But as Russell argued in the 20th century, this does not allow us to believe in anything which its existence is impossible to disprove.

However, this belief of me in Islam, make me get myself out of trouble. During the summer before 12nd grade, I was studying hard for Conquer, a big exam in Iran in which people go university through it, and everything was fine before something terrible happen to me: Suddenly and at once he was not able to study and code and sometimes not even plain reading.

Also some other weird stuff happened to me at the same time. I had lost many functionallities of my body. The worst part was that I could not use my hand and fingers for typing, which is necessary for programming and writing which is necessary for mathematics.

I messed school exams up and the more important exam which was Conquer as well. After about two years, I learned about healing through Quran and praying. I also learned about “Sihr”(Black magic) and “Hasad”(Envy). There are different kinds of Sihr and one of them is a Sihr which could ruin success of a successful person(for example a successful student) and turn them into someone with a lot of faults and no success. Hasad could have such an effect, too.

I got a recipe from someone and listened to Quran reciting voice everyday. In the beginning listening to Quran was hard for me like a burden. Additionally, listening to Quran was making me angry wanting to break stuff or throw stuff away. I could listen to Quran without having any problem before this period. I was told, when I listen Quran, the Jinn who has possessed me gets pressured and so he/she pressures me to make me stop listening and I had to do the opposite.

I listened to Quran till I got my ability for mind tasks like coding and math back. After this, I am highly confident if I ever disbelieve in Islam and in God.

Thanks to God, then three people who gave me consults.