01 Dec 2023

A God who does not care

There are many doctrines which suggest there is a god but one who does not care about his servants and that they worship him or not. Here, I want to argue why we cannot make such an assumption. As the assumption is equal to the assumption which in it there is no god at all.

  1. Here, we are interested in the outcomes which come from God.
  2. There is an outcome if God cares.
  3. If there is a God and he does not care, the outcome is zero.
  4. If there is no God, outcome is again zero.
  5. If there is a God who cares, there is some outcome. That is, this God punishes or rewards based on deeds.
  6. Assumption about that God doesn’t exist is equal to that God exists but does not care.

Obviously, a god who cares does something and therefore, because of his deed about his servants, there is an outcome, positive or negative.