21 Jun 2022

Origin of Iron on Earth

Some of the readers might wonder what is this post doing in the “Religion” category of my website. If you are one of those, you will get the answer of your question after reading this entire small post.

According to some researches the origin of Iron found on Earth is from the space out of Earth, Mostly from stars which are near to their death. The researches which a wide range of scientists have agreement upon, suggest that near the end of a star’s life, the star converts all its atoms to Oxygen and Carbon, and later Iron. After that the star explodes, spreading all its atoms including iron ones into space, which later could form planets like our Earth. Surprisingly, Quran tells us that God has “sent down” Iron in verse 57:25 which is in Hadid Surah/chapter which translated to English means Iron. Here’s the translation of the verse by Dr. Khattab:

Indeed, We sent Our messengers with clear proofs, and with them We sent down the Scripture and the balance ˹of justice˺ so that people may administer justice. And We sent down iron with its great might, benefits for humanity, and means for Allah to prove who ˹is willing to˺ stand up for Him and His messengers without seeing Him. Surely Allah is All-Powerful, Almighty.

One meaning of ‘Anzalna’ in Arabic means giving or favoring but the other meaning is sending down something from the sky to earth or (probably) from up to down.

Indeed, one can find verses in Quran which suprises them, if they go deep enough.